Top Blunders When Wrapping a Bengali Saree


Hey there, fashionista! So, you wanna rock a Bengali saree? Excellent choice! But wait up, before you dive into the world of ethnic glam, you’ve got to steer clear of some classic oopsies. Let’s talk about those Bengali saree draping blunders that you should totally avoid. We’re about to make sure you’re the star of the show, without a hitch!

Mistake 1: Pleats Gone Wild

The first ‘uh-oh’ is all about those pleats. Now, we get it; making those folds can feel like origami on steroids. But seriously, don’t let them go wild! Ensure those pleats are tidy, uniform, and fall like a neat waterfall in the front. No room for pleat chaos here!

Mistake 2: Blouse Blues

Picture this: a gorgeous saree with a mismatched or ill-fitting blouse. Not cool, right? Your blouse should be besties with your saree – matching colors and complementing the design. So, say goodbye to those blouse blues!

Mistake 3: Pinning Pains

Pins are your saree’s BFFs, but don’t let them be the villains of your outfit. Cheap, low-quality pins can stab your style game. Invest in good ones, secure those pleats and pallu, and you’ll be good to go!

Mistake 4: Pallu Problems

The pallu is the mic-drop moment of a Bengali saree, and you can’t mess this up. Make sure it drapes evenly over your shoulder, not all bunchy or lopsided. Keep it smooth like butter on a hot pancake!

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Mistake 5: Wrinkles, No Thanks

Wrinkles in your saree? No, thank you! Iron that beauty before you drape it. Pay extra attention to the pleats and pallu, so you’re wrinkle-free and fabulous.

Mistake 6: Pin Placement Predicaments

Don’t go all ‘pin-crazy’ and ruin your look. Pins should be your little secret – keep them discreet and strategic for a seamless finish.

Mistake 7: Border Bliss

Bengali saree borders are pure art, so don’t tuck them in like a secret. Let that border shine and play nice with the pleats. Border bliss, baby!

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Mistake 8: Saree Size Matters

Size matters, especially when it comes to sarees. Too long or too short, and you’re in for some drape drama. Get a saree that’s just right for your frame and rock that look.

Mistake 9: Accessory Ado

Accessories can make or break the vibe. Don’t forget the jewelry, shoes, and makeup! Coordinate them like a pro for the final touch to your stunning look.

Mistake 10: Slow Down, Babe

Last but not least, don’t rush the saree-draping party. It’s an art form, not a race. Take your time and enjoy the process. The result will be worth it!

In a nutshell, wearing a Bengali saree is like being a part of a cultural masterpiece. Just steer clear of these blunders, practice your draping skills, and get ready to shine. You’ve got this, fashion queen!

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