Sharvari Wagh Rocks ₹81k Green Backless Dress, Fans Go Wild


Alright, fashion fans, grab your popcorn because Sharvari Wagh is back at it again, turning up the heat with her killer style. This time, she’s rocking a green backless midi dress that costs a whopping ₹81,325! Yep, you read that right. But let’s dive into why everyone’s losing their minds over this outfit.

Sharvari’s Insta Magic

So, Sharvari dropped a bunch of pics on Instagram and captioned them, “Koi puchho #Munjya se, yeh Munni chalegi?” Whatever that means, it worked because her post went totally viral. People couldn’t stop double-tapping and commenting like crazy. The star of the show? That jaw-dropping dress.

Image Source – Instagram

The Dress: Straight Fire from PH5

This dress is no joke. It’s from the brand PH5 and it’s worth more than most people’s rent. The dress has a round neck with tie-on detailing at the back, which is fancy talk for “super cute and kinda sexy.” The bodycon fit shows off Sharvari’s figure, and the backless design is all kinds of daring. Plus, the uneven hemline and ombre pattern? Pure perfection.

Junni Khyriem’s Styling Skills

Sharvari didn’t pull this look off alone. Celebrity stylist Junni Khyriem was behind this masterpiece. She added a trendy earcuff and a pair of white stilettos to keep things fresh and modern. Those shoes? Chef’s kiss.

Image Source – Instagram

The Glam Squad: Hair and Makeup on Point

No killer outfit is complete without the perfect hair and makeup. Enter Sharvari’s glam squad.

Hair by Sanky Evrus

Sanky Evrus, the hair wizard, styled Sharvari’s hair into a neat bun. This wasn’t just any bun—it was the kind of bun that says, “I’m here to slay, but I’m also kinda chill.” Perfect for showing off that backless detail.

Makeup by Niccky Rajaani

Niccky Rajaani worked her magic with the makeup. She went for a nude eyeshadow look that’s classy but not boring. The smudged eyeliner and mascara-coated lashes made Sharvari’s eyes pop, while the kohl-rimmed eyes and darkened brows added some serious drama. The dewy base, contoured cheekbones, and luminous highlighter gave her that glow, and the nude lipstick tied it all together. Talk about goals!

Image Source – Instagram

Sharvari: The Fashion Queen

Sharvari Wagh is the queen of fashion. Her Instagram is a goldmine for anyone who needs style inspo. From traditional sarees to chic jumpsuits, she can wear anything and make it look amazing.

Fashion Wins: Past Highlights

Remember when she wore that black pearl embellished mini dress? Yeah, that was iconic. Every outfit she wears is like a lesson in how to be stylish AF. She mixes and matches like a pro, and it always works.

Social Media Star

Sharvari’s social media game is on point. Her Insta is packed with glam pics and fun captions. It’s not just about the clothes; it’s about the vibe. And her vibe is always on fleek.

Image Source – Instagram

Style Tips from Sharvari

Want to dress like Sharvari? Here are some tips:

  1. Go Bold or Go Home: Don’t be afraid to wear something daring. Whether it’s a backless dress or a bold print, own it.
  2. Details Matter: Little things like tie-on details or an uneven hemline can make a huge difference.
  3. Balance is Key: Make sure your accessories, hair, and makeup complement your outfit.
  4. Confidence is Everything: No matter what you wear, wear it with confidence. That’s Sharvari’s secret.


Sharvari Wagh is the ultimate fashion icon. Her latest green backless midi dress is proof that she knows how to turn heads and set trends. Whether she’s on Instagram or the red carpet, Sharvari always brings her A-game. Keep slaying, queen!

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