Slaying in Style: Sonam Kapoor’s Black Saree Extravaganza!

Sonam Kapoor

A Bollywood Bombshell Takes Fashion by Storm

Hey, fashionistas! Get ready to dive into the glam-packed world of Sonam Kapoor and Rimzim Dadu’s epic collaboration at the Blenders Pride Fashion NXT event. Spoiler alert: It involves a killer black saree that’s basically the superhero cape of the fashion world.

Black is the New Black: The Saree Saga

Rimzim Dadu, the magician behind the design, turned Sonam Kapoor into the ultimate showstopper. Picture this: a black saree with blingy cord work, a fitted skirt with slits, and a pallu longer than your weekend Netflix binge. It’s not just a saree; it’s a whole vibe!

Cord Work Chronicles: Ancient Technique, Modern Swagger

Rimzim Dadu didn’t just sprinkle some magic dust; she went full-on wizard with her centuries-old cord work technique. The saree wasn’t alone in this cord party – the matching strapless blouse joined the bash, bringing a modern twist to the traditional shenanigans.

Accessory Alert: Pumped Up and Blinged Out!

Sonam Kapoor didn’t just stop at the saree – she threw on black pumps, blingy earrings, earcuffs, and hoop ear studs. It’s like she raided a jewelry store and declared, “I’ll take it all!” And let’s not forget Namrata Soni’s makeup sorcery, turning Sonam into a glam goddess.

Behind the Scenes: Sonam’s Real-Life Chronicles

In the real world, Sonam’s not just a fashion icon; she’s a superwoman. Married Anand Ahuja in 2018, and guess what? Baby Vayu joined the squad on August 20, 2022. Meanwhile, on the big screen, “Blind” hit Jio Cinema, starring Sonam and Purab Kohli.

Grand Finale: Time to Bow to Fashion Royalty

Sonam Kapoor and Rimzim Dadu’s collab wasn’t just a fashion show; it was a fashion revolution. The black saree, with its cord work and modern flair, deserves a spot in every wardrobe. Because who wouldn’t want to slay like Sonam?

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