Radhika’s Flower Power Dupatta: Is This Haldi Outfit for Real?


Radhika Rocks the Haldi with Flower Power

Okay, folks, gather around because Radhika Merchant just served up the ultimate haldi look, and it’s blowing up our feeds. On July 8, she showed up in a yellow lehenga choli that screamed, “Look at me!” And guess what? We did. This dazzling outfit was paired with a dupatta made entirely of flowers. Yep, you heard that right—actual flowers. Celebrity stylist Rhea Kapoor couldn’t resist and plastered the internet with pics of Radhika in this Anamika Khanna masterpiece.

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Flower Power: The Dupatta That Stole the Show

Let’s talk about this floral dupatta for a sec. It was dripping with mogra buds and had marigold flowers lining the border. So, while some brides go for silk or chiffon, Radhika said, “Nah, give me those petals!” It’s like she walked through a flower shop and decided to wear the whole thing. Bold move, girl.

Details, Details: Floral Bling and Natural Glow

Radhika didn’t stop at the dupatta. She went all out with floral jewelry—we’re talking earrings and a hairpiece straight out of a garden party. Her makeup was minimal, with a glow that said, “I woke up like this.” She sported a tiny red bindi and nude lipstick, giving off major “I’m too cool for heavy makeup” vibes. And you know what? She nailed it.

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Switching It Up: Post-Ceremony Pink Lehenga

After the haldi, Radhika switched gears and donned a salmon pink lehenga choli. Because who wants just one epic outfit when you can have two? This second look was all about soft elegance, making us wonder if she has a secret stylist team working round the clock.

Pre-Wedding Shenanigans: Rituals and Celebs

Puja at Antilia: The Start of the Madness

The pre-wedding madness kicked off with a puja ceremony at Antilia, the Ambani mansion, on June 29. Just your casual spiritual gathering in one of the world’s most expensive homes. No big deal.

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Mameru Ceremony: Gifts Galore

On July 3, the couple had their mameru ceremony. This involves the groom’s maternal family showering the bride with blessings and gifts. Because nothing says “Welcome to the family” like a bunch of expensive presents.

Sangeet Party: Star-Studded Extravaganza

The sangeet on July 5 was an all-out Bollywood bash with Salman Khan and Ranveer Singh bringing the house down. Imagine trying to dance next to those guys. Awkward. Celebs like Ananya Panday and Sara Ali Khan showed up too, because what’s a party without some A-listers?

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Wedding Spectacle: Three Days of Chaos

Shubh Vivaah and Shubh Aashirwad: The Main Event

The wedding marathon starts with Shubh Vivaah and Shubh Aashirwad on July 13. Think of it as the main event where all the action happens. You know, vows, blessings, the whole nine yards.

Mangal Utsav: The Big Bash

On July 14, it’s time for the Mangal Utsav, aka the wedding reception. This is where everyone who’s anyone will be. Expect the guest list to be a who’s who of Bollywood, business, and sports. Basically, if you’re not invited, you don’t matter.

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Pre-Wedding Parties: Because One Isn’t Enough

Epic Cruise Party in Europe

Before the wedding, Radhika and Anant threw not one but two massive parties. First up, a cruise party in Europe. They sailed from Italy to France from May 29 to June 1. Just a casual little trip with friends and fam. No biggie.

Jamnagar Gala: The Pre-Pre-Wedding Bash

And in March, they hosted a pre-wedding gala in Jamnagar with over 1,000 guests. Yep, 1,000. Celebs, sports stars, industrialists—you name it, they were there. Because why not have a pre-party for your pre-wedding party?

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Conclusion: Wedding of the Year

Radhika Merchant and Anant Ambani’s wedding is the event of the year, folks. From the flower-powered haldi outfit to the star-studded parties, every detail is over-the-top fabulous. We’re here for it, and we can’t wait to see what they do next. Stay tuned!

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