Radhika Rocks Anant’s Love Letter Gown on Insane Pre-Wedding Yacht Bash


Alright, buckle up, folks. Radhika Merchant and Anant Ambani just threw the pre-wedding bash of the century, and let’s just say it was extra in all the best ways. We’re talking luxury yachts, toga parties, and a gown that literally screams “I love you” – because it’s printed with Anant’s first love letter to Radhika. Yep, you read that right. Here’s the lowdown on this epic cruise of love and luxury.

The Dress That Talks

So, Radhika rocked up in this crazy gown by Robert Wun, and it’s not your average dress. This bad boy was printed with a love letter Anant wrote her for her 22nd birthday. She told Vogue, “He wrote me this long letter about what I mean to him. I wanted it for posterity—I want to show it to my kids and grandkids and say ‘this is what our love was.’” Talk about setting the bar high for love letters, right? Good luck, guys.

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Palermo Kick-Off Lunch

The festivities kicked off in Palermo, Sicily, with a lunch that was so over-the-top it made your average wedding look like a backyard barbecue. They had this luxury yacht cruising up the Italian coast. I mean, who even does that? The Ambanis, that’s who.

Starry Night Extravaganza

When the sun set, things got even crazier with a “Starry Night” themed party. Imagine the yacht turned into a sparkly, star-filled wonderland. It was like stepping into a Van Gogh painting, but with more champagne and less ear-cutting. Everyone was ogling Radhika’s dress like it was the eighth wonder of the world.

Back to College in Rome

Next stop: Rome. And get this—they threw a toga party. Yep, Radhika and Anant, who met in college, decided to relive those good ol’ days. They had NYU and Brown banners hanging around (because why not?) and got David Guetta to DJ. Nothing says “we’re young at heart” like a toga party on a yacht with a famous DJ.

The Four-Day Party Marathon

This wasn’t just a party; it was a four-day extravaganza that would make even the Kardashians jealous. They started in Palermo, then hit up Rome, Cannes, and finally Portofino. If you weren’t exhausted just reading that, you’re a party machine.

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The Breakdown of Madness

Day 1: Palermo

  • Welcome Lunch: A feast that could feed a small country.
  • Starry Night Party: A night of elegance and probably a lot of stargazing (at both the sky and Radhika’s dress).

Day 2: Rome

  • Toga Party: Channeling their inner college kids with togas and NYU/Brown banners.
  • David Guetta’s DJ Set: Because who doesn’t need a world-famous DJ at their pre-wedding party?

Day 3: Cannes

  • Black-Tie Event: Fancy outfits, probably more champagne, and definitely more fun.

Day 4: Portofino

  • Final Blowout: Ending the epic cruise in style. Because of course.
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Traditional Vibes Meet Modern Madness

Despite the yacht parties and DJ sets, the Ambani and Merchant families didn’t forget their roots. They threw in some traditional Hindu Vedic customs to balance out the party vibes. They had all the key ceremonies: Shubh Vivah (wedding ceremony), Shubh Aashirwad (blessing ceremony), and Mangal Utsav (wedding reception).

The Ceremony Rundown

Shubh Vivah

  • When: Friday, July 12
  • Dress Code: Traditional Indian attire.
  • What: The big wedding ceremony, aka the main event.

Shubh Aashirwad

  • When: Saturday, July 13
  • Dress Code: Traditional Indian attire.
  • What: Blessing ceremony to ensure a lifetime of happiness (and probably more parties).

Mangal Utsav

  • When: Sunday, July 14
  • Dress Code: Indian chic.
  • What: The grand reception, because why not have another party?
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The Perfect Mix

Radhika and Anant’s pre-wedding festivities were the perfect mix of “holy cow, that’s fancy” and “aww, that’s sweet.” They managed to blend tradition with modern extravagance, and we’re here for it. From the love letter gown to the starry night party, this cruise was a testament to their love and their flair for the dramatic.

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