Priyanka & Nick’s Epic Diwali Bash: Desi Vibes in Hollywood!


Hey there, party people! Let’s spill the tea on Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’s Diwali shindig that rocked Los Angeles. Picture this: Priyanka in a killer red lehenga, Nick flexing in a white kurta – and, oh, Joe Jonas making the scene too. It’s like Bollywood decided to drop by Hollywood for a night of sparkle and glam!

Desi Swag on Fleek

So, Priyanka slayed in this red micro velvet blouse and golden lehenga combo. Add a Bulgari serpent necklace and some Insta-worthy makeup drama – cue the heart eyes! Nick wasn’t messing around either, pulling off a white kurta, white pajama, and a snazzy pink brocade jacket. Joe Jonas? Rocking a blue kurta pajama like a style king.

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Makeup Meltdown or Makeup Magic?

Now, here’s the kicker – Priyanka’s makeup. Some fans were like, “Um, what’s happening here?” But hold up, others were all, “Pri looks fire! Makeup goals!” The makeup debate was real, y’all. Turns out, fashion is like pizza – everyone has their flavor.

Star-Studded Desi Crew

Despite the makeup drama, the Diwali bash was a star parade. Nick’s bro, Joe, joined the crew in desi swag. Pics hit the internet fashionably late, but who cares? Priyanka, Nick, and the gang exiting the party was a sight! Fans had thoughts – some threw shade, others threw love. It’s a rollercoaster of desi emotions, peeps!

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Priyanka’s Desi Tour in India

Mami Film Festival Slayage

Before the Hollywood glam, Priyanka owned the Mami Film Festival 2023 in India. White gown vibes, then a switch to a floral saree for a Masterclass with Bhumi Pednekar. Queen vibes all the way!

Mumbai Adventures with Nick and Malti

Hold onto your chai – Priyanka, Nick, and daughter Malti hit up Mumbai for the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre launch. Temple blessings, cultural vibes, and a peek into a half-done rangoli shared by Priyanka. Desi fam goals, anyone?

Image Source – Instagram

Wrapping Up the Desi Drama

In a plot twist, Priyanka kept Diwali low-key this time. No glam pics on Insta, just a chill rangoli snap from little Malti. It’s like Priyanka said, “Let’s keep it real, fam.”

So, there you have it – Priyanka and Nick’s Desi Diwali tale, complete with glam, drama, and a touch of simplicity. This Hollywood-Bollywood mashup is one for the desi history books.

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