How to Slay the 90s Lip Liner Trend Like a Boss in 2024

Lip Liner

Ready to travel back to the 90s without sacrificing your 2024 street cred? Grab your favorite lip liner because we’re diving headfirst into the retro trend that’s making a serious comeback! Buckle up, because we’re about to spill the tea on how to rock that iconic lip liner look with a side of sass. 🥤💄

Why You Should Totally Try the 90s Lip Liner Trend

Let’s be real: the 90s were basically a circus of awesome fashion disasters and beauty moments that we now look back on with a mix of horror and nostalgia. But guess what? That whole lip liner craze? It’s back, baby! If you’re tired of your boring lip routine, here’s your chance to add some drama and fun to your beauty game.

Lip Liner
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Finding the Perfect 90s Lip Liner Shade: A Quest for the Holy Grail

First things first: you need to find the right lip liner shade. Forget those “natural” tones you’ve been using—go for something that screams “I’m here to make a statement!”

  • Brown Liner: If you want to channel your inner grunge rockstar, a dark brown liner will get you there. Just think of Kurt Cobain’s legendary style and go from there.
  • Burgundy Liner: Feeling bold? A rich burgundy liner will make your lips look like they’ve been kissed by a vampire (in a good way).
  • Mauve Liner: If you’re all about that sophisticated life but still want to look like you’ve got your finger on the pulse of fashion, mauve is your new BFF.

Prepping Your Lips Like a Pro (or at Least Pretending To Be One)

So you’ve got your liner, now what? Time to get those lips ready for action!

  1. Scrub Those Lips: Get rid of the dead skin with a lip scrub. You don’t want to look like you’ve been chewing on sandpaper.
  2. Moisturize: Slather on some lip balm. Dry lips are sooo 2023.
  3. Prime Time: Put on a lip primer so your liner doesn’t end up all over your face like some bad art project.
Lip Liner
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Applying Lip Liner Without Looking Like a Hot Mess

Okay, this is where things get tricky. Don’t panic—we’ve got you covered!

  1. Outline: Start by drawing the outline of your lips. Don’t be afraid to go slightly outside your natural lip line for that “I woke up like this” vibe. If you look like you’re auditioning for a circus act, you’re on the right track.
  2. Fill In: Use the liner to add a bit of color to the corners of your lips. Blend it out so it doesn’t look like you’ve just gone through a makeup disaster.
  3. Blend: Use a brush or your finger to blend the liner in. You don’t want any sharp lines unless you’re going for that “I’m a mannequin” look.

Choosing Lipstick to Match Your Liner: Because It’s Not Rocket Science

You’ve got your liner on, but what about the lipstick? Here’s how to choose one that won’t ruin your look:

  • Nude Lipstick: With a dark brown liner, this is your go-to for a laid-back, chic vibe. Perfect for pretending you don’t care when you actually do.
  • Berry Lipstick: Pair this with a burgundy liner for that “I’m ready for a drama-filled evening” look.
  • Pink Lipstick: With a mauve liner, you’ll look like the sweet, innocent one who’s secretly planning world domination.
Lip Liner
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Putting a 2024 Spin on the 90s Look

Let’s face it: just copying the 90s isn’t enough. You’ve got to add your own flair!

  1. Gloss It Up: Add a layer of gloss for a shiny, modern twist. Your lips will be so shiny you might need to warn people about the glare.
  2. Metallic Accents: If you’re feeling extra, try a metallic liner or lipstick. It’s like the 90s, but with glitter. What’s not to love?
  3. Ombre Lips: Blend two different colors for a look that says, “I’m trendy and also a bit mysterious.”

Keeping Your Lip Look Fabulous All Day Long

So, you’ve nailed the look. Now how do you keep it from becoming a hot mess?

  1. Touch-Up: Keep your liner and lipstick in your bag for quick fixes. You never know when you’ll need to refresh.
  2. Blot: Use a tissue to get rid of excess product. You don’t want to look like you’ve been eating lip liner for lunch.
  3. Set It: Use some setting spray or powder to make sure your look lasts. Because nobody’s got time for constant reapplications.
Lip Liner
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Inspiration from the 90s Lip Liner Legends

Need some inspo? Check out these 90s stars who totally rocked the lip liner look:

  • Gwen Stefani: She had the bold red lips and dark liner down to an art form. Channel your inner No Doubt.
  • Drew Barrymore: The queen of playful, experimental beauty. Perfect for when you want to mix things up.
  • Aaliyah: Sultry and cool, Aaliyah knew how to make a statement with her lips.

Conclusion: Embrace Your Inner 90s Diva

So there you have it! The 90s lip liner trend is back, and it’s time for you to dive in with both feet (and a lot of lip liner). Whether you’re going for a casual look or something a bit more glamorous, this trend is all about fun and self-expression.

Lip Liner
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Ready to unleash your inner 90s diva? Go on, get those lips lined and pouting!

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