Hailey Bieber’s Floral Scarf Top: Summer Maternity Goals or Fashion Fails?

Hailey Bieber

Alright, fashion lovers, hold onto your hats (or should we say floral scarf tops?). Hailey Bieber, queen of everything chic, just dropped some maternity fashion that has the internet buzzing. The wife of Justin Bieber (yeah, that guy) posted some pics on Instagram, and naturally, we’re all losing our minds. So, what’s the deal with Hailey’s latest look? Let’s dive into this fashionable hot mess.

Instagram Drama: Hailey Bieber Edition

Hailey Bieber, aka the Rhode skincare mogul, decided to bless our feeds with some summer maternity fashion. Picture this: a floral printed scarf top that’s basically summer wrapped up in fabric. The colors? Blue, white, with some splashes of green and pink. It’s cute, right? Or is it? She tied it up at the back like a pro, showing off her shoulders and everything else.

Hailey Bieber
Image Source – Instagram

Floral Scarf Top: Fashion Win or Total Disaster?

So, the centerpiece of Hailey’s outfit is this floral printed scarf top. It’s light, breezy, and screams “I’m too cool for regular maternity clothes.” The floral prints are pastel perfection, making her look like a walking garden party. But let’s be real—tying a scarf around your torso and calling it a top? Bold move, Hailey. Bold move.

Matchy-Matchy: Coordinated Bottoms and Accessories

Hailey didn’t stop at just the top. Oh no, she paired it with matching floral briefs. Yep, you heard that right—briefs. It’s like she walked straight out of a Victoria’s Secret ad. For accessories, she kept it low-key with a baby pink Alice band (hello, 90s vibes) and some silver hoop earrings. Minimalism at its finest, or is it just laziness? We’ll let you decide.

Hair and Makeup: The “I Woke Up Like This” Look

Hailey’s hair was styled in that perfectly messy, center-parted way that says, “I spent hours looking this effortlessly cool.” And her makeup? Just the right amount of bronzer to make her glow, feathered brows, and a peachy nude lip. She added a touch of blush from her Rhode beauty line, because why not promote your own products while looking fabulous?

Hailey Bieber
Image Source – Instagram

Hailey Bieber: Maternity Fashion Icon or Just Another Trend?

Let’s talk about how Hailey is setting maternity fashion on fire. She’s showing the world that pregnant women can be stylish, comfy, and a bit extra. Comfort is key, people. Hailey’s choice of a light, breathable scarf top is perfect for those hot summer days. Coordinating your outfit from top to bottom? Genius or overkill? Either way, she nailed it.

Hailey’s Style Tips (or How to Look Like You Tried)

  1. Comfort First: Hailey’s scarf top is all about comfort. Find something light and airy that doesn’t make you sweat buckets.
  2. Match Everything: Follow Hailey’s lead and coordinate your top and bottoms. Floral overload? Maybe. Fashion-forward? Definitely.
  3. Simple Accessories: Don’t overdo it. A cute headband and some hoops are all you need to look put together without trying too hard.
  4. Natural Beauty: Go for that natural glow with a bit of bronzer, feathery brows, and a subtle lip color. You’re beautiful, don’t hide it!

The Hailey Bieber Effect

Hailey Bieber is not just about looking good—she’s about influencing fashion worldwide. From high-profile fashion campaigns to her own beauty line, she’s everywhere. Her latest appearance in the Saint Laurent summer 2024 campaign? Total boss move. She’s setting trends, and we’re just here to keep up.

Hailey Bieber
Image Source – Instagram


Hailey Bieber’s latest Instagram post is a lesson in how to rock maternity fashion like a boss. Whether you think she’s a style icon or just a pregnant lady in a fancy scarf, there’s no denying she’s got the world talking. So next time you see a floral scarf, think of Hailey, and maybe give it a try. Or don’t. We’re not here to judge (too much).

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