Get Deepika’s Vibe: DIY Balayage Made Easy!


Hey there, hair enthusiasts! So, you’re scrolling through Instagram, and bam! You spot Deepika Padukone rocking that incredible balayage. But hold up, you don’t need a celeb stylist to get those sun-kissed locks. We got you covered with this DIY balayage guide.

Prep Time – Gather Your Squad

Grab your hair bleach, a balayage brush (fancy, huh?), a mixing bowl and brush, some aluminum foil (not for leftovers), gloves (to keep those hands clean), clips (for sectioning), an old tee, and a deep conditioner. We’re in for a wild ride!

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Pick Your Shade

To nail the Deepika look, choose a sweet caramel or honey shade. Think about what suits your skin tone and hair color – we’re aiming for a match made in hair heaven.

The Play-By-Play

Section Squad Assemble!

First things first, let’s part your hair like a pro. Divide your hair into sections and clip ’em up. It’s like creating your own hair masterpiece.

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Mix & Match

Follow the bleach kit’s instructions and whip up a smooth and creamy mixture. This is where the magic begins!

The Balayage Showdown

  1. Artistic Strokes: With your balayage brush, start painting those bleach strokes like a pro artist. Focus on the front parts, mid-lengths, and ends. Deepika vibes incoming!
  2. Wrap It Up: Each painted strand gets the aluminum foil treatment. It’s like they’re going to a shiny spa, but for hair. This helps the bleach do its thing evenly.
  3. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat: Keep on painting and wrapping until your hair is looking like a fancy dessert (but without the calories).
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Watch the Clock

The bleach is quick, like your favorite TikTok video. Keep an eye on your hair, and once you’ve hit the desired color, rinse it out.

Post-Balayage Fun

Hydration Station

Now that you’re all bleached out, show your hair some love with a deep conditioner. Moisture and shine, here we come!

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Get Your Style On

To nail that Deepika style, fire up your curling wand or flat iron. Add some sweet curls to your hair for the ultimate balayage glam.

Keep It Fresh

To keep your balayage shining, use color-protecting shampoo and conditioner. Also, avoid chlorine and too much sun. We’re talking about hair here, not a tan!

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The Grand Finale

Getting Deepika’s balayage look is not just a dream anymore; it’s your reality. But remember, this is your hair journey, and if you ever feel unsure, call in the professionals. Now, go out there, and let your hair be your canvas. Get ready to shine like Deepika Padukone!

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