Deepika Padukone’s ‘Sunshine’ Yellow Gown Sold for ₹34,000: Proceeds to Charity


Okay, y’all, hold onto your hats because Bollywood queen Deepika Padukone has done something totally fab. She sold her jaw-dropping yellow gown for ₹34,000, and guess what? All that cash is going straight to helping those in need! Yeah, you heard that right. Let’s dive into this sunshine-y story that’s brighter than your future.

Deepika’s Yellow Dress: The Real MVP

So, Deepika rocked this yellow gown at an event for her beauty brand 82°E, and let me tell you, she looked like a ray of sunshine. This dress was all kinds of extra – think cotton midi with a dramatic flair. Deepika’s not just a fashion icon, she’s got a heart of gold too.

Instagram Madness: Sold Out in Minutes

Deepika’s Instagram game is always on point, and she didn’t disappoint. She posted a reel of her in the yellow gown and captioned it, “Fresh Off The Rack! Who’s getting their hands on this one!?” Then she dropped a link to her ‘closet’ where you could buy the dress for ₹34,000. It was like a fashion Hunger Games because that dress sold out faster than you can say “sunshine.” Her team bragged it was gone in 20 minutes. Can you believe it?

All for a Good Cause: TLLLF

The money from this gown is going to The Live Love Laugh Foundation (TLLLF), Deepika’s own charity focused on mental health. She’s been super open about her own struggles with depression, so this foundation is a big deal for her. Every penny helps someone in need, which is pretty awesome.

Image Source – Instagram

Ranveer Singh: Husband Goals

And let’s not forget about Deepika’s hubby, Ranveer Singh. This guy is the ultimate cheerleader. He spammed his Instagram with pics of Deepika looking like a goddess in that yellow dress. His captions were hilarious and adorable. One said, “My Sunshine! ☀️” and another was like, “Uff! Kya Karu Main? Marr jaun? (What should I do? Die?)” He even clapped back at trolls with “Buri nazar wale, tera moonh kala (Evil eyes, may your face turn black).” Talk about being extra in the best way possible!

The Glam Event: Beauty and Charity

The event where Deepika wore the gown was basically a glamour explosion. Hosted by her brand 82°E, it was all about looking good and doing good. Her brand is all about ethical beauty products, so it was the perfect place to show off this charity stunt.

Image Source – Instagram

Social Media Magic

Deepika’s got millions of followers, so when she posts something, it’s like setting off a social media bomb. Her fans went wild over the gown sale. This whole thing shows just how powerful social media can be when you use it for good. Deepika’s followers didn’t just like her post, they bought the gown and supported a great cause.

Fashion with a Conscience

By selling her gown for charity, Deepika’s making a statement about sustainable fashion. Instead of letting it gather dust in her closet, she turned it into a donation. It’s like recycling but way cooler. She’s showing us that fashion can be fabulous and responsible at the same time.

Image Source – Instagram


So there you have it. Deepika Padukone sold her stunning yellow gown for a whopping ₹34,000, and all the money is going to help people through her mental health foundation. She’s not just a superstar; she’s a superstar with a cause. Plus, she gave us some major couple goals with Ranveer’s hilarious and sweet posts. Who knew a dress could do so much good?

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