Ananya Panday’s Style File: Rocking the Crochet Bustier & Parachute Pants Combo

Ananya Panday

Hey there, fashion aficionados! Let’s dive into the sizzling style world of Ananya Panday. Recently, she dropped a fashion bomb that’s got everyone talking! Imagine a crocheted bustier paired with sleek black parachute pants—talk about a killer combo!

Fashion Breakdown: What’s the Buzz?

Ananya Panday’s outfit was like a symphony of style. Her greyish-blue bustier had spaghetti straps, a ribbed design, and this cool crochet thing going on. And those black parachute pants? They were all about high-rise waist and functional pockets, giving a chic yet comfy vibe.

Ananya Panday
Image Source – Instagram

Labels & Bling-Bling

So, where did she snag these gems? The bustier’s from Dion Lee, and those cool pants are Polite Society’s creation. And let’s not forget her Jimmy Choo boots—she’s their ambassador, no biggie!

Accessories Game: Stronger Than Ever

Ananya didn’t stop there! She rocked large gold hoops, fancy rings, and those black boots with heels that could conquer Everest. Seriously, her accessory game was on fire!

Ananya Panday
Image Source – Instagram

Glam Up Close: Makeup and Hair Slay

Let’s talk glam squad goals! Ananya nailed it with her killer brows, sleek eyeliner, mascara that screamed ‘look at my lashes!’, and those cheekbones blushing with rouge. Oh, and don’t get me started on that pink eyeshadow and lip shade. Stunning! Plus, that messy bun? Perfect blend of classy and sassy!

“Kho Gaye Hum Kahan”: Ananya’s Big Netflix Move

Aside from being a fashion queen, Ananya used this jaw-dropping look to promote her Netflix film, “Kho Gaye Hum Kahan”. It’s like a coming-of-age story but in the digital era—think three pals navigating life in the social media jungle!

Ananya Panday
Image Source – Instagram

Wrap-up: Ananya’s Fashion Slam Dunk

Ananya Panday didn’t just slay, she owned that crocheted bustier-parachute pants duo! She’s not just setting trends; she’s redefining fashion finesse!

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