Alia Bhatt Rocks Sabyasachi: Are We Even Surprised?


So, guess what? Alia Bhatt is at it again! She’s making the rest of us look like fashion disasters while she struts around in yet another jaw-dropping outfit. This time, she’s wearing a pantsuit by Sabyasachi, and honestly, we’re all just here trying to keep up.

The Outfit: Because Why Not Be Extra?

On Sunday, Alia decided to bless our Instagram feeds with a series of pictures that could make anyone rethink their entire wardrobe. She wore this off-white deep V-neck bralette covered in pink floral prints—because, obviously, who doesn’t wear florals in June? She paired it with matching high-waisted pants that scream, “Yes, I’m stylish, and you’re not.” And let’s not forget the Sabyasachi belt. Because every outfit needs a belt that says, “I cost more than your rent.”

Image Source – Instagram

Accessorizing Like a Pro

Alia didn’t stop there. Oh no, she added a matching full-sleeve jacket with embellished borders, just in case we forgot she’s rich and stylish. Styled by Priyanka Kapadia Badani, Alia wore a multi-layered golden chain necklace with quirky pendants that probably have a better social life than we do. She finished the look with white high heels that perfectly matched her outfit and probably cost more than our last vacation.

Makeup and Hair: The Finishing Touch

Let’s talk makeup. Savleen Kaur Manchanda worked her magic with nude eyeshadow, mascara-coated lashes, defined brows, blushed cheeks, a luminous highlighter, and nude lipstick. In other words, Alia looked effortlessly flawless while we struggle with eyeliner every morning. Her hair, styled by Amit Thakur, was in perfect messy waves, left open in a side partition. Because nothing says “I’m naturally beautiful” like spending hours getting that effortlessly blow-dried look.

Image Source – Instagram

Alia Bhatt: The Fashion Queen We Love to Hate

From Floral Sarees to Chic Dresses

Alia’s been slaying the fashion game for a while now. Remember when she rocked a floral saree at the Met Gala? She made us all question why we even bother with regular clothes. And then there was the black off-shoulder dress at a Gucci event. Simple, yet she made it look like a million bucks. It’s like she’s on a mission to make us all feel inadequate.

Insta-Diaries: Your Daily Dose of Fashion Envy

Alia’s Instagram is basically a highlight reel of her making us all look bad. Whether she’s in a backless denim midi dress or an ethereal bralette and pants combo, she’s always ahead of the trend. Her posts are a mix of “Wow, she’s stunning!” and “Why can’t I look like that?”

Image Source – Instagram

Setting New Fashion Standards: Because She Can

The Celebrity Influence

Let’s face it, whatever Alia wears, we want. She has this magical ability to make anything look amazing, and suddenly, it’s all we can think about. By choosing outfits that reflect her personality and impeccable style, she’s setting trends faster than we can keep up.

Collabs with Big Designers

Her collaborations with top designers like Sabyasachi are just another reminder of how much cooler she is than us. By wearing and promoting these designs, she’s making Indian fashion a global phenomenon. Thanks, Alia, for making sure we all know we’re not as fashionable.

Image Source – Instagram

What’s Next in Alia’s Fashion Journey?

Continuing to Slay

As Alia continues to explore new styles, she’s not just inspiring us—she’s also reminding us that our wardrobes could use a serious upgrade. Her fashion journey is a mix of traditional and contemporary looks that leave us all in awe.

A Role Model for Fashion Enthusiasts

Alia’s commitment to fashion and her ability to always look stunning make her a true role model for anyone who loves style. Her journey is proof that confidence and a killer wardrobe are key to making heads turn.

Image Source – Instagram

So, there you have it. Alia Bhatt’s latest look in a Sabyasachi pantsuit is just another reminder of why she’s a fashion icon. While we try to figure out what to wear tomorrow, she’s already planning her next show-stopping outfit.

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